Biggest & most Shameful job scam

Everyone in Tripura knows that local committee offices of the party prepares list of the job seekers who will be given govt. job. So a large section of the youths prefer to standby the party instead of preparing for the interview. Not the interview board but the party leaders are known as the key selector of the candidates in all govt. departments. People say, out of this political selection process crores of black money is generated every year. It is said that more than 100 crore black money was generated only in the biggest job-scam in India that badly shattered the state. Communist government acted like a criminal in the recruitment of 10,323 teachers violating all legalities. The govt. that is instrumental in making law in the assembly made deliberate attempts to break constitutional provisions and acted illegally. Let’s see what Hon’ble High Court says in its verdict scraping 10,323 teachers recruitment in the state which brought forth the unfair, illegal and unconstitutional recruitment policy of the Communist government. “The selections have been totally unfair. The selections have not been made in a transparent manner. The citizens of this country have not been treated equally. Most of the clauses of the policy are illegal and unconstitutional. The entire policy is bad because it gives no guidelines and, therefore, the entire selection will have to be, must be and is accordingly set aside.” – Judgment of Hon’ble High Court of Tripura that cancels the selection of 10,323 teachers in Tripura. Hon’ble Supreme Court in March 2017 upheld the judgment of the High Court dated 7th May 2014.

Govt. companies running in loss became burden

Poor handling of affairs, institutional corruption, undue political interference and aimlessness could not let state public sector undertakings grow in a normal way. Rather, narrow political interest crushed their prospects. Out of total 13 government companies and statutory corporation, almost all have become burden upon the people for making loss for years. Government has never initiated proper steps to turn them to the path of progress. Let’s see the present condition of these institutions :