Black spots on the regime

Manik Sarkar’s book; A black spot on his white Kurta

To feed the students his political story, a chief minister used government funds, moreover, the fund meant for the schools and students. Yes, Manik Sarkar government has done it ! Government directed schools to procure two books written by the communist leader Manik Sarkar and his former Chief Secretary Dr. SK Panda out of annual grant provided under RMSA. So desperate is the misuse of government power under the leadership of white dressed communist Messaiah ! Manik Sarkar’s book Atit Diner Smriti(Memoir of the days gone by) and former chief secretary SK Panda’s “Eker Sathe Ek Melay Egaro”(One and one makes eleven)– on June 2, 2014, Additional Director of School Education(RMSA) Mr DK Debbarma issued notification asking all the District Programme Coordinators(DEOs) of Rastriya Madhyamik Shiksha Abhiyan to procure the two books. The circular said, “It has been decided that the aforesaid book….. are to be procured by all the Secondary Schools out of the Annual Grant provided to 839 schools by RMSA during 2013-14….please arrange to procure/purchase above two publications in a bulk for all the school libraries under your control out of Annual Grant 2013-14.”

1980 riot : The worst of Communists

1980 June Mandai Massacre was the deadliest event in the history of Tripura. Heinous propaganda in the name of Class Struggle by the Communists in both, hills and plains, took its final shape in the cruelest form of blood-shed between peace-loving tribals and development oriented Bengalees. The riot also exposed ugliest face of those who believe in social revolution through arms. Probably for their open involvement in the riot and political benefits squeezed out of the massacre, they still evade peoples’ demand for punishment of the perpetrators. People were not told if the mastermind was identified and real players of the massacre were not brought to book. Let’s have a look at the statement of the then Communist Chief Minister Nripen Chakraborty on the riot : “The worst has happened in Tripura. The glorious tradition of Tribal-non-tribal amity has been smeared by widespread and severest clashes between Tribals and non-tribals, resulting in hundreds of deaths. The number of people who lost everything due to arson and looting, exceeded a lakh……….. The problem is too enormous for a small and backward State like Tripura to shoulder alone. This may be considered as a national disaster.” The official publication titled “Violence in Tripura” says, “The most horrible mass massacre was enacted at Mandai Bazar, 35 km from Agartala where 215 people were butchered at one spot.” It continues, “While the actual deaths or burns is yet to be finally assessed, the unprecedented massacre tolled 537 lives till July 6. Some more decomposed bodies are apprehended to be lying scattered in forests and jungles, and police efforts to find them out still continue. Some people are also reported to be missing. Over 550 were injured and about two and half lakh(2.5 lakh), including fifty thousand tribals, became homeless. According to a rough preliminary estimate, 10,000 houses were burnt in the communal orgy.” Document says, “Describing the disturbances that swiftly engulfed about 150 Gaon Sabhas out of 689 of the State as a well-planned and organized secessionist move, the Chief Minister told the press on June 12, that it could not just be written off as communal clashes between tribals and non-tribals,. Papers seized from different tribal youths during encounters in May proved beyond doubt that the extremist group of the Tripura Upajati Yuba Samity has had direct link with some foreign countries.” 1980 to 2017 – even after 37 years, no detection, detention or punishment of the criminals have been observed. Rule of law became a complete irony at the hand of those who all the time put other parties at finger-point. They desperately avoided their constitutional responsibility to punish the enemies of humanity. The reason behind this silence and suppression is obviously is the probability of coming out their real face. Any proper action can unmask them and prove the riot was state sponsored to materialize communists’ ugly thesis of class-division to ensure a long-term political benefit to those in power at that time. That’s why leftist government did not answer thousands of questions raised in the mind of the people who even today can’t forget doubtful role of the state government. History witnesses, communist chief minister Nripen Chakraborty government did not perform Rajdharma, rather his intention was to garner political profit out of the massacre. His government did not initiate timely action to protect lives and properties of the people and left wide areas in the hand of the rioters. Government remained silent despite thousands of fingers raised towards it for its doubtful role. Victims and eye witnesses at that time said that many party offices became shelter place for the rioters. Party cadres openly provoked people of both the communities. In almost all the cases, police remained confined to barrack.