Dilution of administration and the party

People here normally know no difference between the party and administration. Everything is determined by the party and materialized by the administration. In the administration, presence of party is heavily felt for two reasons; one, huge number of hardcore cadres were recruited in administration, two, party office deploys non-employee cadre in various offices as informer and bridge between the party and the office concerned. Non-employee cadres convey party decisions to the officer concerned regarding any issue concerns or may concern the party. In the name of protecting party interest silly matters are also seriously addressed.

Tripura : A laboratory

Victim of propaganda machinery could hardly believe that communist party is not a political party like other. Whatever its theory tells, it has, in reality, no place for democratic values and humanity. Its evil designs to control, manipulate and dominate everything by using force of all kinds, came down as the biggest curse in life who suffered it. Tripura is such a laboratory for the communists where they experimented everything taking advantages of absence of strong nationalist and pro-people leadership in opposition, geographical isolation, negligence of national media and political circle and existence of trouble-torn international border with Bangladesh on almost all sides. Rose Valley-Manik Sarkar relation During the tenure of late Jyoti Basu as CM of West Bengal hundreds of cheat fund companies were formed and grew up. With ulterior motive this left ruled Bengal-based companies extended their business of deposit collection in Tripura. A section of local leaders and cadres took this as a viable opportunity to grab public money and become rich. People of the state observed that not less than chief Minister goes to inaugurate businesses of the such companies and promote them in public life so to give boost to their illegal business. People poured in crores of money believing that officials, leaders and even ministers support to the companies obviously means that the business of deposit collection is legal and also trustable. Being the chief minister of the state Mr Manik Sarkar himself went to inaugurate Rosevalley amusement park and promote their business. A simple translation of his speech at Amtali in Agartala on 05/07/2008 from Bangla to English is self explanatory. ”They are a business organization, will invest capital. Now, their annual turnover is from 700 to 750 crore. From this, we don’t have any problem to understand that the business of their organization is expanding heavily…………………… I had opportunity to talk for the 2nd time to the present chief of Rose Valley.” Its apprehended that fly by night companies together looted more than 1 lakh crore from the people who never got support from the state government. Rather government extended indirect help to cheat funds in their ‘operation loot’.