Scientific Rigging Machine

Before analyzing Tripura election results and repeated poll successes of Left Front under CPIM, one has to know that Left Front does come back in every election with popular mandate or election issues. CPIM and its Front win for their mechanism. The Communists have developed a strong, effective and wide scientific rigging machine that works and brings magical victory. Till this machine is in perfectly running condition, no issue or popular movement can bring about much-awaited change. This machine starts working right from electoral roll injecting fake names, illegal names and deleting legitimate voters and ends at counting table. In between these two, hundred types of innovative illegal activities are swiftly done, keeping people, media and other political parties in dark. In fact, no one ever bothered of what is going on out of sight that becomes decisive factor in the elections. Everyone just sees the result and shouts of foul play. Everyone knows Tripura Legislative Assembly consists of 60 members. Left Front achieved 56 seats in 1978, 42 seats in 1983, 28 seats in 1988, 49 seats in 1993, 43 seats in 1998 and 41 seats in 2003. In 2008, LF got 49 seats and in 2013, it bagged 49 seats. Except in 1988 assembly elections in which Left Front lost power to Congress-TUJS coalition, the Front never secured less than 40 seats since 1977. Let me remind readers that during this vast period of Left Front rule, Tripura recorded a ten times increase in number of unemployed youths and ten per cent increase in number of people living below poverty line. Can anyone say despite massive corruptions, crimes, scams, scandals, insurgency, thousands of murders etc. a party in power consistently retain its position with increased votes and seats for as long as 3 decades plus ? Does it happen in any normal democratic atmosphere ? Is there any similar model anywhere else in the whole world ?

Challenge for political pundits

It’s a big challenge for the political analysts why anti-establishment does not affect Tripura Communists even though more and more people going below poverty line, unemployment increasing at bullet-speed and crimes went beyond limit. Anti incumbency is a factor normally observed everywhere in the world if a party remains in power for 5 to 10 years. After that, if not defeated, decrease in number of votes is inevitable. Tripura is such a place where Communists proved that they can dictate public mind as long as they want. The difference of votes received between LF and major oppositions in the elections won by the Communists show a strange picture. Vote margin of Assembly elections 1998, that is 1,08,355, drastically increased to 1,81,726 in Lok Sabha election held immediate next year(1999). Margin of 85,159 votes in Assembly 2003 hiked unimaginably to 5,51,066 in Lok Sabha 2004. Assembly 2008 recorded a margin of 1,64,610 votes whereas the next year’s Lok Sabha election (2009) witnessed huge increase in the margin to 4,84,673. All in favor of the Communists. Difference of votes in Assembly 2013 was 1,80,675. Lok Sabha 2014 total margin of votes between CPIM and total of combined major opposition parties was 6,77,770. It happens here under Communist rule !