Tripura’s backwardness in almost all sections of life till today can be attributed to the absence of leadership since the death of Maharaja Bir Bikram Kishore Manikya Bahadur. The untimely death of the far-sighted king turned the wheel of progress backward. His farsightedness can be gauged from the fact that even lying on bed of death he instructed Rajmata Kanchanprabha Devi to join India instead of Pakistan. He knew joining with Pakistan would destroy his dreamt development. After his death, state as a part of India got many persons at the helm of affairs but none as the true leader of the people who can glorify the state and its people. All the top men remained just post holders and somehow ran the government. None, right from Sachindralal Singha to Manik Sarkar could leave a lasting impression upon the mind of the people. Painfully true, mainly the communist chief ministers so far acted almost like implementing officer of the central projects or ideas. They failed to develop any idea that can positively separate Tripura from the rest of the world and identify uniquely. It should be mentioned that both Sachindralal Singha and Sukhamoy Sengupta(both ex-CM) were democrat by nature and integrity of them was beyond doubt. Communists brought partisan politics and hit democratic values for the sake of divisive politics. Anyway, the people continue to recall the great works of King Bir Bikram, like Agartala Airport, MBB College, Neer Mahal. He was the man who first executed land reforms, reserved land for the tribals and resettled Bengalee Hindu refugees came from erstwhile East Pakistan. He himself designed a modern Agartala to be one of the most attractive cities in the world map. His post-independence successors could not materialize his dream project. The untimely death of Maharaja Bir Bikram at the age of 39 in 1947 can be held responsible for the rise of the destructive force like Communist Party that harmed basics of peoples’ life willfully so as to achieve power and retain it for good.