10 scams which tainted Manik Sarkar’s clean image

Source : Reports in The North East Today

Chit Fund Scam: Over Rs.1,50,000 crore deposited by customers have been embezzled by different chit fund companies including Rose Valley Group of Companies, Saradha Group of Companies and others. Chief Minister Manik Sarkar inaugurated the Rose Valley Park, set up by the Kolkata-based chit fund company Rose Valley. Sarkar also attended many functions launched by few of the chit fund companies. Revenue Minister Badal Chowdhury admitted that they knew about the chit fund companies since 19

Bishalgarh RD Block Scam: Incumbent BDO of Bishalgarh Block – Subrata Das lodged FIR with Bishalgarh Police Station against 12 block officials including former BDO – Bimal Chakraborty in connection with the scam. The internal audit report of Bishalgarh RD Block stating misappropriation of govt. funds of Rs.2,22,21,964 without executing works against work orders issued under MGNREGA, PDS and TFC etc. Bimal Chakraborty is also known to be a close aide to the Chief Minist

NRHM Scam: Nearly Rs.30 crore meant for NRHM was misappropriated since past eight years. The CMO admitted that no adjustment of Rs.24 crore was mentioned in the report due to unspecific reasons. People gheraoed the CMO’s office in Kailasahar Sub Division and later on, lodged FIR against four persons including Dr. Dewan with Kailasahar Police Station. One accounts manager – Nirmal Chandra Das was suspended and Media Expert – Abhijit Bhowmik was also show caused for his connection to the scam.

Rupaichhari RD Block Scam: A total of Rs.14 crore and 39 lakh was siphoned at Rupaichhari RD Block. The audit report stated that two work orders of Rs.11.23 lakh and 18.67 lakh were issued for execution of brick soling work on the same road. As it is not possible to execute same work on the same road which was previously executed, it is suspected that either of the implementing officers had not executed the work and misappropriated Rs.11.23 lakh or Rs.18.67 lakh.

Pecharthal RD Block Scam: A total of Rs.76 crore and 79 lakh were misappropriated at Pecharthal RD Block since April 1, 2012 till March 31, 2014. An official report confirmed that works under MGNREGA scheme in the financial year 2011-12 and 2012-13 are not completed or executed and no adjustment of a total of Rs.68.94 lakh was shown in the record.

Teachers Employment Scam: A total job of 10,323 under graduate, graduate and post graduate teachers’ were cancelled by the High Court in 2014 as the state government had violated norms and procedure of recruitment of 10,323 teachers. The government had appointed 4617 graduate teachers in March 2010, 1100 in post graduate teachers in August 2010 and 4606 under graduate teachers in December 2013. Supreme Court upheld the verdict of the High Court.

RMSA Scam: A total of Rs.5 crore has been embezzled under Rastriya Madhyamik Siksha Abhiyan, a centrally sponsored scheme of Ministry of Human Resource Development. The Tripura School Education Department had suspended three officials for their alleged involvement in the scam. A cashier of the RMSA was also arrested from Kolkata who named the three officials who were involved in the scam.

Ginger Scam: Over Rs.2 crore was embezzled while purchasing and distribution of gingers at Satchand Block in Tripura’s South District in 2011. Spurious Drug Scam The state govt. has purchased fake drugs and medicines from Vardhaman Pharmaceuticals, a Himachal based company and distributed the same to the government hospitals. In this case, people registered a case against 10 officials including Health Minister Tapan Chakraborty.

MGNREGA Scam: A total Rs.6 lakh 47 thousand 3 hundred 45 were embezzled by a technical assistant of Satchand Block in Sabroom falling under South Tripura district. The fund was allocated under MGNREGA outlay. Infiltration : CM’s double standard Let’s first have a look at the news published in Times of India on February 10, 2016. The news says, “Tripura chief minister Manik Sarkar on Tuesday brushed aside infiltration charges and reiterated that Tripura was free of such problems. He said while addressing a gathering at a book release event.” See what the same chief minister informed the state assembly in 2014. He told during a heated debate in the assembly on March 10, 2014 that during the past 3 years(2011-13) 6356 Bangladeshi people infiltrated in the state illegally. Again on February 20, 2017, Mr Sarkar informed the House that “from the year 2014 to December 2016, a total of 5685 Bangladeshi infiltrators entered in the state.” That means, from 2011 to December 2016, only reported infiltration was 12041. The chief minister surprisingly gives contradictory statements inside and outside the state assembly. Tripura under Communists Communists first achieved full-fledged power in Tripura in January 1978. That means, with the budget period of 1977-78. The immediate previous year, 1976-77, the total State Budget was only 39.43 crore. The budget for 2017-18 presented by the 7th Left Front Government this year amounted to 159……. Crore. During 1976-77, total BPL families in the state were around 56% but during the ocean-like budget period the total BPL families gone up to 67%. In the decade of 1980, all the Cinema Halls in Agartala had the late night show, means had higher sense of security and transport available to return to home after 12 at night. In present Agartala of 2017, late night means after 9pm and transport for suburban starts fading. Who can match this contradictory information ?

Unscientific police investigation In the golden era of communist leader Manik Sarkar, the competency of the public prosecutors and the quality of police investigation into crime is not only a matter of regular concern of the general public but also pains a person like Chief Justice of High Court. After a successful tenure as first Chief Justice of High Court of Tripura, Mr Deepak Gupta commented, “Public prosecutors here are not competent. Police investigation into crime does not follow scientific norms.”

TBSE Mark-sheet Scam: Communist administration did not spare any section of the society in its rule. Corruption grabbed even Tripura Board of Secondary Education, the guardian body of the lakhs of students. Corruption gang well-placed in TBSE made huge anomaly in Mark-sheets of the Madhyamik and Higher Secondary examinations. Bungling in as many as 10,182 mark-sheets out of total 24,804 successful candidates in Madhyamik examination came to light in 2007. Instead of bringing culprits to book the state government soon suppressed the matter.