Mysterious victory : The secrets

Main credit for an abnormal growth of the communists and continuance in power for such a big period goes to Congress, the principal opposition till a few years ago. Visionless, self oriented Congress leaders failed to understand the ill-design of the communists and on several crucial occasions helped them raise to power or retain it. The two successive coalition govt.(one led by Prafulla Das and the other under Radhika Ranjan Gupta)gave easy access to the communist leaders to administration, though for a small period. The communists took complete benefits of the administration to dominate next election to earn single and absolute majority. The next goes to big number of fake voters listed in the electoral roll. The third reason is successful implementation of divide and rule through various means, fourth credit is of well-arranged partisan administrative machinery and the fifth credit goes to rule of fear strategically created through murders of MLAs Parimal Saha, Goutam Datta, Madhusudan Saha, Ananda Mohan Roaja, SDM Sukhram Debbarma, youth congress president Debal Deb, media workers and many more at different times. The year Manik Sarkar first became Chief Minister(1998) Tripura shattered with horrible assassination of his known arch rival in the party and health minister Bimal Sinha. Before 2013 state assembly elections under tremendous pressure from various corners, election commission, through a special check-up detected and deleted around 60,000 fake names from the voters list. It’s apprehended that more than 3 lakh fake names still exist in voters list. Undoubtedly, fake voters played decisive role in every assembly election. Total margin of votes in 2013 assembly elections was 1,80,675, in 2008 assembly elections 1,64,610, in 2003 assembly elections 85,159 and in 1998 assembly elections total margin was 1,08,355. Coming to conclusion is not a complicated one on what happens if 3 lakh fake names reside in the electoral roll and the total margin of votes between the winners and defeated is less than 2 lakh. His art of winning elections makes him CM again and again and the story of increasing popularity of Mr. Manik Sarkar is completely a vague and fake one, at least in Tripura, for more than a decade.

Magical election results

Rare in the world

Despite anti-establishment wave, peoples’ anger for huge corruption and natural will to see change in every election, Tripura saw abnormal results in favour of Left Front since 1983. In terms of total number of votes polled for CPIM led LF, it never gone down. Though unbelievable but it happened ! With the increasing total number of voters of the state the total votes of LF also kept moving high. Have a look at the following data that shows notable abnormality : In 1977, out of total 7,50,271 votes polled in the state in all 60 assembly constituencies, Left Front(CPIM,CPI, FB & RSP) candidates together secured 3,79,164 votes. In 1983, total voters increase was 1,72,259 in the voters list and vote increase of LF was 83,868. 1988 election recorded 2,08,809 increase of total voters and 92,792 increase for LF. In 1993 elections, Left Front secured another increase of 94,070 votes whereas total 329962 new people added to voters list. 54,435 new voters took entry in electoral roll for 1998 assembly election. In the same election, 20,903 new votes were added to the account of Left Front along with the total votes secured in previous assembly election. In 2003, total voters increase in Tripura was 204257 and total voters further increased for LF was 102297. In 2008, another increase of 1,06,281 observed in voters list and increase of 1,92,484 votes were observed in favour of Left Front candidates. Growth of Left Front further continued in 2013 assembly election. It recorded increase of 1,86,632 votes with previous elections total secured votes. The state recorded a total increase of 3,20,492 voters in voters list for 2013 elections. Startling popularity of Communists that probably the whole world could not see, can be seen in Tripura in between every assembly election and immediate next year’s Lok Sabha elections. For example, assembly election held in 2003 recorded a total vote for LF of 773094. The immediate next year(2004), the Lok Sabha elections held and LF candidates together recorded an increase of 1,37,979 votes in one year only. In 2008 assembly elections, LF secured 9,65,578 votes and in 2009 Lok Sabha elections, another 1,19,305 votes added to its account. Left Front candidates got total 11,52,210 votes in 2013 assembly elections. In 2014 Lok Sabha elections, the Front led by CPIM secured 1,40,226 extra votes for its candidates in Tripura West and Tripura East parliamentary constituencies. For Tripura, an increase of 1 lakh or more votes in favour of any political party in one year is completely abnormal and highly doubtful.