Open field for Crime

Tripura is a very small state with an area of 10,491 sq. km only. Many districts of other states are bigger than Tripura state. Total population of Tripura(3.7 million) is lesser than that of Kolkata. Geographical difficulties are not very high like in Nagaland, Mizoram or other north eastern states. People are also generally peace loving. During long Communist regime, the state and people have been left to the hand of the criminals. Govt. saw crime and criminals in political eyes. If the criminal is leftist and the victim is either neutral or opposition supporter, than justice is almost impossible. Before registering a case in any police station, the officer concerned has to normally confirm that it will not irritate leaders of the proletariat. You will be astonished to know that only reported IPC crime in this tiny state in the year 2004 was 3081. 2005 numbered 3356. In 2006, it was 3940. It continued like in 2007 a total of 4273, in 2008 – 5336, in 2009 – 5486, in 2010 – 5801, 2011 – 5794, 2012 – 6263, 2013 – 6214, 2014 – 5498 and in 2015 – 4691. The number of incidents remained unregistered because of political interference may be nearby the reported data.

Why CM remains silent on corruption ?

Tripura is such a hapless state under communists where any type of corruption is easily digested by the elected government. Lack of accountability in the govt. is clearly visible. It was reflected in government’s attitude towards corruption. Not in a single case of corruption govt. took adequate action. Rather, it’s main attempt becomes to shield perpetrators. The so-called honest chief minister has never uttered a strong line against those involved in various scams. Thousands of scams, crime and scandal within his own government could not touch his heart. He is happy in his world of luxuries and has nothing to do with public interest.