For the year ended on 31st Mach 2008,Children : Go as you like

Audit Conclusion in 2006 – SSA Project The target of bringing all the children of the age group 6-14 to school by 2003 could not be achieved. Delay in planning, lack of adequate community involvement, inadequate teaching staff and lack of adequate training contributed to the failure to achieve the objectives. Delay in release of funds and in constituting various committees affected the availability of funds for the core components of the scheme. Implementation of the scheme in the State also failed to achieve the target of zero drop-out; the drop-out rate continued to be significant ranging between 17 to 26 per cent. P/52

Qualification is not a matter:Failure of PWD

The Public Works Department not only failed to ensure that its contractors employed only qualified people, but also did not recover the prescribed penalty for non-employment of qualified people. P/92(2006)

GB Hospital or death centre ?

Health Minister informed that the primier hospital GBP Hospital of the state recorded death of 2900 patients in 2013, 2961 patients in 2014 and 2948 patients in 2015. People say that GB Hospital is the epicenter of all health related scams and scandals in the state. Some heavyweight leaders in party state HQ have direct or indirect control over the matter. Similar is the case of IGM that recorded 427 deaths in 2013, 455 deaths in 2014 and 408 in 2015.