Disaster in Disaster Response Fund:

There was lack of adequate planning, monitoring and assessment in management of SDRF as evident by the fact that the fund was being administered in an ad-hoc manner without a State Disaster Management Plan over the years. Consequently, the department did not prepare annual plans for management of the fund. The department did not monitor the expenditure made out of SDRF. Paragraph 1.4

Aimless road, roadless aim:

The target set for construction of roads/habitation coverage were not met mainly due to land disputes and slow progress of work. Absence of District Rural Road Plan led to 40 priority habitations remaining unconnected in the state even after lapse of more than eight years from the scheduled completion period i.e. by 2007. Project management was weak and there were unexpected delays. The authority did not initiate timely action for recovery of dues from defaulting contractors. Paragraph 2.3

TSIC : Death of hope

There were wide variations between annual turnover targets of the company(Tripura Small Industries Corporation Limited) fixed under the MoU entered bwteen the company and state govt. and that mentioned in the Action Plan submitted by state govt. to Govt. of India(Planning Commission). Besides, the turnover targets under the MoU and the state govt’s Action Plan were fixed without reference to previous year’s achievements of the company. Losses had been incurred by 11 out of 13 branches of the company in all five years covered in Audit. Paragraph 3.2 (Incorporated in April 1965)