Doubtful expenditure

Taking up/execution of the upgradation work of Kamalpur-Marachara-Ambasa road from 10.00 km to 27.50 km under PMGSY at the cost of 8.59 crore immediately after completion of the same work under HUDCO Loan Assistance Scheme in March/April 2008 was not only duplication and avoidable but also doubtful. P/87(2013-14)

Bodhjungnagar Industrial Estate : A place for loot

It was evident that only 27 of 81 industrial units had been functioning in the industrial estate. The low utilization of industrial land was attributable to delays in completion of construction works and commencement of production by allottee units, non-payment of lease rental by the allottee units, non-cancellation of allotments despite default in payment of rental dues and violation of lease terms by the allottee units, etc. as discussed in succeeding paragraphs. P/115(2013-14)

Unjustified payment of State VAT

Payment of Tripura State Value Added Tax on inter-state trade and commerce transactions resulted in avoidable expenditure of 6.32 crore and consequent undue burden on the consumers. P/138