Reign of terror

Inexperienced of applied communism may not digest the fact that a sense of fear reigns all over in Tripura. Everything is controlled by a phobia. Fear of losing something scraps the right to speech and expression though guaranteed by the constitution of India. Everyone is in danger-zone. The reason of this phobia is realized but unseen. Life looks peaceful here for compromising with rights. To general people, it is known that, party is superior than govt. in regard to everything including providing job or bank loan or benefits of any govt. scheme or project, though party is not the statutory authority. This unconstitutional authority can’t be challenged. If opposed, opportunity of getting benefits will be lost. Everyone has this awareness that with the power of the government, party can do anything. Therefore, a compromised life is better than no life. Under a planned design, communist party has taken control of peoples’ life in every sphere, directly or indirectly. It has given an indirect message to all around that either surrender to the party or face consequence. Disobeying party line in any style may invite trouble in personal, social, economical or professional life. The troubles include implication in false cases, tarnishing prestige and dignity through whispering campaign, vandalizing property, arsening or even mysterious death. Deprivation of govt. benefits is a common and immediate punishment. It is feared that, in Tripura, in most of the divorce cases the actual reason is political. The reason of most of the suicide deaths, road accidents or unnatural incidents is also political. State here is a mockery for a regimented organization. It plays with power for partisan politics. People seemed helpless. They have to live in this terrible condition. Those who were given responsibility to advance the state, constantly propagate that the state is landlocked and everything is limited, so all have to live in limitations. Leaving upon fate, people have somehow adjusted in this suffocating atmosphere. Their wings of thoughts and imaginations were tied by the fear.

Tyranny in silence

The pro-Manik bandwagon shouts against BJP after even a very small incident at remote village of Gujrat or Maharastra or Madhya Pradesh but remains mum on massive institutionalized corruption in left ruled Tripura. The matter is not a casual one. It has to be taken seriously that when the state roughly suffered by scams, crime and corruption, the strong publicity projects Left-Tripura as a model state ! Tripura CM becomes an imitable personality ! Is not it a magic ? Prominent journalist who worked in BBC Mr Subir Bhowmik in an article exclaimed why national media is silent on scams of the left govt. He writes, “Strange is the silence of the national media corps based in Agartala when it comes to reporting on scams involving the ruling Marxists. Not one national paper seems to have carried a story on the recent controversy over a government order asking schools to buy a book written by the Chief Minister Manik Sarkar, and one by his former Chief Secretary Mr Sanjay Kumar Panda, as well using funds provided by the Central government for improving school education.” Honestly speaking, my book is not dedicated against the personality of Manik Sarkar. One rightist leader once told me in Delhi during an informal talk that financial discipline in Manik Sarkar’s administration is incomparable. Such a ‘corruption free’ administration is rare in the whole country. See the power of publicity even at the capital of the country ! I knew it’s not his fault. Information gap is the reason. The fact is, this govt. probably provided one of the worst administrations in the whole of the country. Top to bottom politicized administration remains engaged throughout the year to ensure that not a single govt. benefit goes to a non-communist. More important is the job to confirm that the machinery continues to work in favour of the ruling party in the coming elections. Public service is not an issue at all here for this govt. Party is far higher than the public and all types of corruptions can be absorbed if party interest is protected. Insurgency and Communist rule Fed up with hardcore politics and polarization of society by none other than the ruling party and dreaded implementation of its divide & rule theory everywhere, people of the state have been screaming for emancipation. CPIM is such a party that compelled people to stretch hands to the party even for a BPL card. Day to day work of administration is indirectly controlled by the Party(in Tripura, the word ‘Party` means CPIM only) through its deputed cadres. For job, persons are selected solely by the Party office, administrative officers are compelled to issue offers to the job seekers on the basis of that political list. In its more than 34 years’ regime, CPIM ensured that the Party is supreme in all considerations. To achieve even minimum govt. facility one has to surrender to Party, no question is allowed. If someone questions then he would face it’s consequence. It is told that corruption rate is very low in Tripura in public administration. This is totally false. Fact is that government does not let issues surface in public domain. The fact is that not a single corruption allegation is impartially and properly investigated. Govt. machinery is not used to unearth possible scams and to bring the perpetrators to book, but to show and confirm that allegation is wrong. It saves corrupts and culprits because of all round political control. Govt. policy here is the peaceful co-existence with crimes and corruptions.

The ruling Communists have been propagating India-Bangladesh friendship with the hidden policy of Bangladesh First depriving the interest of the local residents. Chief Minister’s regular advocacy for power supply to Bangladesh is a part of that while the whole state suffers from load shedding every day. Illegal opening of international border on occasions raise suspicion of the intention of the govt.