My inspiration

My late father, Gouranga Chakraborty, a police officer, is my first and the most loving source of inspiration, he who practised nationalism and patriotism, honesty and bravery throughout his life. My mother, my life, late Manju Chakraborty, an addicted reader of books, remained the best source of my universal thoughts. My love to Bharatmaa is the gift of my mother.

Not an excuse !

I am not prejudiced against Communist Party. I have experienced it in reality. This is not like other political parties. It’s a regimented force believes in power of arms, total control upon democracy and well orchestrated use of crime, scams, scandals and all other social evils. This power-hungry gang of evils remains in constant endeavour to further consolidate political strength, ensure permanence of the Party in position and play with people in every aspect of their life. For those it’s an imagination who, may or may not be born and brought up in Communist regime, have not faced and experienced Communist Party on ground in reality of life.

Straight forward

If the CM of Tripura Mr. Manik Sarkar owns the credit of even a small good work of his government then discredit of all scams, crime, corruption, anomaly, misappropriation, mismanagement, faults and failures of his government also must be credited to the chief minister’s account only ! Being the executive head of the state, he can’t deny his responsibility to keep his government on right track and keep advancing in reality and in letter and spirit, constantly. Unfortunately, its proved, none of the Communist chief ministers like Nripen Chakraborty(1978-88), Dasharath Deb(1993-98) and Mr Manik Sarkar(1998 to till date) could provide a pro-people, progressive and efficient leadership to the people of this state. As a result, the state moved backward in all spheres in their repressive regime of 34 years.