Aimless TIDC:

The Tripura Industrial Development Corporation Limited(Company) did not prepare any long or short term plans so as to focus, monitor and control its activities. The annual targets set in the Memorandum of Understandings did not serve the purpose as the same were not based on Company’s past performance and the Government had simply approved them without examining their feasibility. Paragraph 3.2(2013-14)

Plan-less VAT system

Computerisation efforts of the VAT system were impeded by lack of a well designed plan and roadmap, absence of a coherent program of action and inability to spend the available funds. Paragraph 4.2(2013-14)

Irregularities in MLA fund

There were huge delays in sanction as well as execution of works which was 22.5 and 20 per cent respectively of the cases examined in Audit. As a result, large number of works remained incomplete. The works taken up under the scheme also included non-permissible items and expenditure incurred on such works were irregular. The works executed under the scheme were not inscribed as ‘executed under BEUP scheme’. There were deficiencies in the control and monitoring system and proper records of the assets created were not being maintained. Similar deficiencies were reported in the CAG’s Audit Report for the year ended 31st March 2006 which were found to have been persisting despite Government’s assurance of taking corrective action to the Public Accounts Committee. Paragraph 5.3(2013-14) Bidhayak Elaka Unnayan Prakalpa(BEUP) is popularly known as MLA fund.