CAG evidences of Disordered development

Few out of thousands of evidences of financial disorders shows lawlessness in the functioning of the government and how money meant for development of the people are spent for else. It can be easily understood why despite increasing allocations and subsequent issuance of utilization certificates unemployed youths are not getting employment opportunities, benefits of various income generations schemes are going in vein and the added number poor people have been remaining in screaming condition. It’s evident in innumerable statutory documents that Communist gang willfully destroyed financial discipline in all the government departments, desperately denied established norms and ensured a “go as you like” atmosphere in the administration disobeying rule of law. Institutional documents give uncountable evidences of scams, misappropriation, mismanagement, irregularities, siphoning, mishandling etc. of public money in the government under Manik Sarkar. Inefficiency, incapability, inactions, improper actions are evident widely in the administration. As the result, government benefits meant for common people have been looted by the corrupt elements close to party and favorite to left leaders. It was not mere failure of the outdated Left mindset but a planned attempt to dislodge the constitutional structure that they don’t accept in political eyes. Reasons of backwardness in every sphere of life can be explored in the samples of instances of malfunctioning of administration, widespread corruption all over and mysterious role of the state government evident in the reports of Comptroller & Auditor General of India(CAG).

Chaotic administration:

Audit Conclusion in 2006 – Planning & Coordination The advantages of targeted funding from Govt. of India for speedy development of the infrastructure projects were lost to a great extent, due to inadequacies in the planning and implementation process and monitoring, leading to significant time overruns. None of the projects could be completed within the stipulated time frame because of delays in transmitting of funds by the State Government to the implementing agencies and further delays by the implementing agencies in executing the works. Many projects were delayed beyond five years, while even the sites and beneficiaries for many rubber plantations were not identified. Expenditure incurred on unauthorized and unapproved items, deviation etc. without approval of the competent authority, indicated absence of financial discipline and control, which was accentuated by inadequate review and monitoring at the State and Central levels. As a result, most of the projects were incomplete and the delivery of the intended benefits to the target groups was either delayed or was only partial. P/68-69

Financial Reporting of CAG for the year 2011-12

Conclusive remarks – “However, the practice of non-furnishing of Utilization Certificates in time against grants received, non-furnishing of detailed information about financial assistance received by various Institutions and non-submission of accounts in time indicates non-compliance with the financial rules. There were also delays in placement of Separate Audit Reports to Legislature and huge arrears in finalization of accounts by the Autonomous Bodies/Authorities. The cases of misappropriation and losses indicated inadequacy of control in the departments.” - P/64