CPM became a rich party with people drowned in poverty No doubt, CPM progressed much in fund generation of the party in its period. But, at the same time, people of the state went on losing their economic sustainability. Amidst much propagated huge developmental activities, number of people living Below Poverty Line(BPL) continuously increased. Luminous party offices built even in remote villages, magical change in lifestyles of a bunch of leaders at different levels including prominent office-bearers of the state committee became visible but the rag tag and bobtail were dropped in a vacuum condition. A BPL card became the most precious gift of the state government which is also issued only after recommendation of the local party office. See how number of people living below poverty line increased in Communist rule since 1978.

Women badly neglected

In present Assembly, CPIM has 5 women MLAs. But in the Manik Sarkar cabinet only a single women got ministerial birth. The lone minister Smt. Bijita Nath got very poor departments. See the following table of negligence to women in the cabinet :

In the present assembly, CPIM has 5 women MLAs but ministerial berth was given to only one woman. Therefore, the above data provided is self explanatory.