CPIM : The pro-poor with rich income ?

A party declared to protect the interest of the poor becomes one of the rich parties of the country. It has been running state government of Tripura for last 34 years(excluding a period of 5 years(from 1988 to 1993. The state, after a 34 years of so-called progressive Communist rule is having almost 8 lakh of unemployed youths and 67% BPL of the total population of 3.7 million only. The poor condition of the health of Tripura did not make CPIM poorer. Rather, it became a rich party even in this state. It earned Rs.38,080.05 lakh from the Financial Year 2004-05 to Financial Year 2010-11. What is the magic ? CPIM’s asset went up in super fast speed when its regime moved Tripura downwards. Year-wise income of CPIM

The party that drowned its government in every sphere of governance, made more than 5 times of its income from mere 20 crore in 2001-02 to 107 crore in 2015-16. It has left far behind the annual income of many private limited companies. CPIM : A party of Crorepatis ? Facts & figure says, CPIM is having 3 crorepati MPs out of total 9 MPs in present Lok Sabha(All India figure). 1 of 2 Lok Sabha MPs from Tripura in present Lok Sabha is crorepati. Recently election commission revealed that CPIM is the third richest political party in India. Income of CPIM for the year 2015-16 is 107.74 crore. CPIM is such a party that remained confined in West Bengal, Kerala and Tripura only. But, in terms of income, it is one among the top running parties.

Unemployment had a high speed increase

Unemployment had a high speed increase There is surprising co-existence of CPIM and poverty driven people obvious in Tripura. When CPIM constantly moved upwards, the mass people advanced backward. Unemployment of educated youths reached to near about 8 lakhs in 2017 from mere 68,334 in 1978 when CPIM first came in power. Skyrocketing unemployment could not affect the regimented CPIM’s richness. Its income generation moved smoothly upwards and surplus the fund. Despite almost all the employment generation schemes and programs implemented on paper in the state, Tripura recorded a desperate increase in number of unemployed youths during so called progressive

Addition from Tripurainfoway.com : “Economic Review report 2012 says another Communist party dominated state Kerala is in 4th position in unemployment level among states, with an unemployment level of9.9%. The 3 other states ahead of Kerala in unemployment level are small states, namely Goa(17.9%), Tripura(14.1%) and Sikkim(12.6%). However, if the unemployment level is taken according to current daily status(CDS) approach, kerala is in the 2nd position with 14.3% behind Tripura(17.2%).”