Killing of kidnapped RSS Pracharaks

Manik Sarkar regime recorded heinous crime against RSS leaders engaged in the service to the mankind. The most shameful was the fact that four social workers and well known RSS Pracharaks(Shyamal Kanti Sengupta, Dinendranath Dey, Sudhamoy Datta and Subhankar Chakraborty) were also not spared by the enemies of humanity. All of the 4 Pracharaks were from different other states and involved in socio-educational developments of the downtrodden people of the state.They were abducted from a hostel of Kalyan Ashram at Kanchanchhera under Dhalai district on August 6, 1999 and later killed.

GENET Medical College Scam

A Kerala-Tripura connection

One of the most doubtful role of the government under chief minister Manik Sarkar played was in multi-crore GNET Medical College Scam that brought the nexus between the frauds of two Communist states; Kerala & Tripura. GNET a kerala based fraud company was brought to Tripura by some big leaders of the Communist Party to loot the public money in the name of starting and running a medical college under PPP model. Champion of anti-privatization movement, CPIM welcomed private company Global Educational Net from Kerala to run Tripura Medical College & Hospital at Hapania in Agartala under Public-Private Partnership(PPP) model. Tripura govt. signed an agreement with GNet in 2004 in this regard. Govt. also handed over huge properties(land, buildings and others) with crores of rupees as financial aid to GNet. After widespread corruption with the help of several tall left leaders, the Kerala based fraud company left Tripura in 2008 leaving students and hundreds of staff in uncertain condition. Under tremendous public pressure, state govt. lodged FIR under sections 406, 409, 420, 467, 468, 471 and 120B of IPC against GNET Chairman K. Balachandran Nair(a known communist) from Kerala and his company. They are facing charges of fraud, diverting govt. funds and receiving unauthorized loans from HUDCO by mortgaging the property of the medical college. More surprising is the fact that state government, instead of arresting and bring the frauds to book, paid the debt amount of 56 crore to Housing & Development Corporation through Debt Recovery Tribunal. The chief minister is totally silent on the issue because big leaders of his own party were involved in organized loot of public money using a fraud company like GNET of another Communist state Kerala.

Morgue used for fish storage

Project prepared, money allocated and spent but infrastructure remained at a poor stage. In absence of adequate and scientific facilities, businessmen and farmers are in many cases bound to store their produces in morgue instead of cold storage. Such an issue came to public notice when on June 21, 2004 reports revealed that Left govt. owned state hospital Dr BR Ambedkar hospital authority provides its morgue for storage of Hilsa fish besides dead bodies. For, state government did not develop proper and adequate storage facility in the state, in spite of huge funds spent, the businessmen close to CITU who are also involved in widespread corruption taking advantage of state’s machinery, used hospital morgue meant for the preservation of diseased human bodies, for years used for the storage of Hilsa fish imported from Bangladesh. Hilsa makes the best dishes in Bengali kitchen.