Per capita debt burden of Rs.15,399

The much propagated financial discipline and scientific development under this progressive(!) regime has put debt burden of rupees 15399.20 upon each and every individual of the state. Per capita debt is in competitive mode and gradually increasing every year. The government that has badly failed to utilize available resources in peoples’ development is throwing extra burden upon them by borrowing money from various institutions including open market. Here is a table below :

Ganja cultivation : A viable income source

The state could not attain self sufficiency in the production of food grains but sustained stronger presence in ganja cultivation. Thousands of acres of land are being used for the purpose. In most of the case, the main kingpin of the production and business of ganja are influential cadres of the ruling party. They have connections everywhere, huge money to donate in the political activities and also for economic upliftment of some leaders. Therefore, police can’t initiate adequate measures to destroy illegal cultivation. On several occasions, police officers were attacked by the cadre-cultivators during special operations. Business of band-drugs is also rampant in the state with silent support from the powerful persons at the cost of the life of innocent youths. Rulers remain totally mum on this grave issue despite thousands of families are being destroyed.

Collapsed Tripura Jute Mills

The only medium-range industry in Tripura is government-owned Tripura Jute Mills Ltd. established in 1973. The required strength of the company was 850 whereas Left Front government in its regime, for enhancing organizational strength of CITU, a wing of CPIM, recruited 2253 employees with poor salary structure. Known as rehabilitation centre for CITU members, Jute Mill has been pushed to huge loss for years because of high corruption, nepotism and mismanagement. A few years back, there was an organized loot in the Mill with Raj International, a private agency brought from Kolkata.